Shanghai Nuoyi Electricity Co., Ltd is a manufacturing enterprise that specializes in the scientific research, development, production, sale and technical service of power source, electric and electronic products. Our sales, R&D and service headquarters is located in Shanghai Baoshan Urban Industrial Park and our two manufacturing bases are located in Nanxiang of Shanghai and Taicang of Jiangsu, both are famous picturesque towns of history and culture.
Nuoyi sells products of 530+ specifications in 8 major categories which are extensively used in national defense, medical, machining, transportation, communication, scientific research, new energy and other sectors. Our main products include AC stabilized voltage supply, variable-frequency power supply, DC modular power supply, UPS, EPS emergency power supply, grid-connected inverter, temporary voltage drop compensator, etc. Our products have passed EU\\'s CE certification and AU\\'s SONCAP certification and acquired TV and radio network access license and other certificates. We have multiple invention, utility model and design patents and software copyrights. We have our R&D team and enjoy complete intellectual properties of all our products. In the future, we will try our best to develop a cloud service platform of electric IOT so as to realize the intelligentization, visualization and remote monitoring of our products. We have high-end customers domestically and we have undertaken a series of key national projects, including marine degaussing power converter of CSIC, onboard medium-frequency power supply of Aerospace Science and Technology Group and 3500V MV power supply of 7,000m-deep submarine ROV robot of the CAS. Our products are sold across the world and exported to the USA, Japan, Australia and other developed countries as well as the underdeveloped countries in Africa and Southeast Asia. We have gained the universal acclaim of our users with our outstanding performance, reliable quality and satisfactory services.
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